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For over 30 years Candida Royalle built a multi-faceted career exploring the endless nuances and complexities of erotica, sexual health and self-exploration for women. There is a great bit of it to sample here on the site. Please take a look around.

Happy Birthday Candida!!

The Purr-fect Birthday Gift. Candice would love this!
Candida often joked she would haunt us. True to her word, her indelible spirit returns on numerous occasions to unite friends and inspire coincidences. Our dear friend Char Rao
a former New Yorker, had been an employee of Candice’s Femme Productions for a period in the 80’s. Imagine my surprise to learn that for the past 15 years Char has operated a cat house, Harbor Cat Rescue Ashtabula in Ohio. Candice, the ultimate cat lover would be so happy to know this. Harbor Cats has a no kill policy and Char is serious about it. Photos on their FB page show well-cared for cats roaming free in a lovely environment. The cat sanctuary subsists mainly on donations. I encourage anyone who can to donate to Harbor Cat Rescue in Candice’s name. I can’t think of anyone more destined to return as a kitty than Candida Royalle. Any amount will go far. Harbor Cat is a 501c3. Donate in Candice’s name via paypal. Thanks furry much.

The producers of HBO's The Deuce based the main character "Candy" (Maggie Gylenhaal), in large part, on the pioneering work of Candida Royalle. As an homage, in two scenes where we see "Candy" at work, the monitors display scenes from Femme's 'Urban Heat'.

Candida In Action

Erotic Film Pioneer: Her work, her vision. Candida Royalle pioneered the concept of female-centric erotic cinema. See her at work and get a glimpse in to her philosophy and her Femme films.

Take A Peek

In "How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do",
Royalle shares her personal and professional expertise to help women realize their own
sexual needs and fantasies.

Natural Contours

Natural Contours® intimate products are ergonomically designed to complement the unique curves of a woman’s body. Designed in Europe, they are tasteful, elegant, and perfectly discreet for travel.

Candida Royalle, a life of passion and purpose.
October 15, 1950 – September 7, 2015

One year after her death, Candida’s work goes to Harvard. Despite her departure from this physical plane the work, the art and the vision of Candice Vadala aka Candida Royalle lives on. Her meticulously kept archives have been acquired by the Schlesinger Feminist Library at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass. The archives of her Club 90 sisters Gloria Leonard and Veronica Hart have also been acquired. As early as this fall, information from these archives will be used in classroom sessions. But the main focus of the Schlesinger Library under its director Jane Kamensky and curator, Katherine Allamong Jacob, and its archivists will be to digitize files so that they are available online and by appointment to researchers and scholars. It is expected that this process will be completed by early 2018, accompanied by a celebration. - Veronica Vera